From our Farm to Your Table

Pasture Raised • Dry Aged • All Natural Beef


Our animals are pasture raised, as nature intended, and are never confined in feedlots. Will-Sho Home Grown Beef comes with our guarantee that none of our animals have ever been given or fed growth hormones, ionophores, or any animal by-products. Antibiotics are only given to treat the rare animal that is sick, when medically necessary. We keep detailed records of our animals’ medical histories, and we know exactly where and how each piece of meat is produced. We have handled the animals ourselves and have chosen the best stock to deliver the finest tasting meat.

We take orders for as little as an individual steak to a twenty pound sampler pack to a whole steer. The special twenty-pound sampler pack is a great value per pound. This includes approximately eight pounds of ground beef, two roasts and four steaks, with the rest as miscellaneous cuts. To place an order go to our contact page and send us an email.  Individual cuts are sold at the Farmer's Market in Syracuse or by appointment on the farm.

Happy cows = HealtHy Beef

All Will Sho cattle eat grass and their mother's milk for the first four to six months of their lives.


When our cattle are unable to graze because of the seasonal weather of our Central New York farm, we feed them a mixture of grass silage, a forage based product and dry hay.

Occasionally, we supplement with other natural feeds depending on their availability.

Dry Aged to Perfection

All of our naturally raised beef is dry aged and hangs in the cooler in a controlled environment before processing.

When beef is dry aged properly, the meat is affected in several ways. This process evaporates some of the moisture from the muscle, creating a richer beef flavor.

Dry aging also allows the beef’s natural enzymes to break down the fibrous tissues, relaxing the proteins in the muscle and naturally tenderizing the meat.

The Right Choice

When you choose to eat meat from animals raised on pasture, you are improving the welfare of the animals, helping the environment, helping small-scale farmers in the Finger Lakes region make a living from the land, helping to sustain rural communities, and giving your family the healthiest possible food. It’s a win-win situation. See our page of FAQs for more information on how you can eat local too.