Will-Sho Farm is a family owned Angus farm, located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. We are centrally located between Ithaca and Auburn.

Our Mission

Our mission at Will-Sho Farm is to raise an ecologically sound, naturally healthy beef product with outstanding flavor.

We achieve this by treating our animals humanely, feeding them all natural feeds and allowing them to mature naturally. We believe livestock should be raised in a natural low stress environment. This allows us to produce the superior quality and healthy, great tasting meats that we market. Our goal is to produce a wholesome product with exceptional taste and tenderness at a fair price.

You are reading this because you desire quality, nutritious food for yourself and your family and because you know there is a better, more natural way to produce the food you eat.

“Natural Beef” animals have received no antibiotics in their feed, no feeding of animal by-products or feed additives (ionophores), and have not been given growth implants, hormones or steroids. “Natural Beef” is also primarily pasture raised beef and high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. These home grown animals are fed dry hay and baleage or grass silage during the winter months.

We take orders for as little as an individual steak to a twenty pound sampler pack to a whole steer. Orders may be picked up at the Farmer’s Market in Syracuse on Saturdays, at the Ithaca Meat Locker on Thursdays by appointment or by appointment on the farm.

Our Story

Will grew up in Harlem, NYC. He was first introduced to farming in elementary school while attending the progressive Manhattan Country School. This NYC based school brings its children to a small school-run farm in Roxbury, NY, Delaware County, for day, overnight and weeklong visits throughout the school year. The goal of these visits is to educate students about sustainable agriculture and the origins of our food. Will soon started spending his summers and school vacations working on dairy farms. In 1986 he graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Animal Science, and in 1987 he started dairy farming on Allison Hait’s registered Holstein “Century” family farm in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. The Hait family had been farming for almost two hundred years. After Will and Allison wed, the Schonfeld family and the dairy herd were moved to King Ferry in 1992. The dairy herd was sold in 2001 and Will and Allison raised heifers for the next five years. In 2007, the first Angus cow calf pairs were purchased.